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Are you tired of increased water bills?

A water conservation company

Today's marketplace is seeing increased pressure for careful resource management. Rapidly rising water costs and mandatory cutbacks will force property owners and managers to find ways to save water and money, while keeping landscapes green and healthy. I.M.S clients see a water savings between 30-70% with active management.


Economics aren't the only important reason for water conservation. As public awareness of water shortages increases, tolerance for water running down the streets or in the rain decreases. Accurate and appropriate irrigation delivery is becoming more and more important for positive public image.


Set-up, monitoring and management of central control irrigation systems

I.M.S  uses  sophisticated local weather data to determine exactly how much water should be applied. The weather data then uses meteorological conditions to calculate how much moisture has been used by plants (transpiration) and how much water has been lost to evaporation. Your zone run times will adjust daily to ensure the correct amount of water is applied.


An indispensable tool in protecting against water loss and property damage is the use of flow sensing equipment. I.M.S can install optional flow sensing devices at your site to detect any abnormal flow in the system resulting from problems such as a broken irrigation line or a valve stuck open. Your system will then shut the problem zone or area off and send an alarm when abnormal flow is detected so that an immediate service call can be made.


Troubleshooting and training for your existing system

Is your system doing everything they said it would?

I.M.S is an independent water management company. Most "smart" irrigation systems are not setup right or used to their full potential and many others are not functioning at all or set to run manual. Many of these problems are caused by setup issues or lack of proper training. I.M.S can train,  troubleshoot or revive the system you paid for to make sure you receive the full benefit of your purchase.

flow sensor

Irrigation Audits and Consulting

I.M.S can provide a 3rd party assessment to your system to make sure it is installed or operating at industry standards. I.M.S can also take a look at your existing system new or old and make recommendations for money saving and conservation upgrades.

wireless valve

IMS has many options in our toolbox to fix many current irrigation problems. Could any of your sites use a wireless valve to replace a battery valve? what about a wireless flow sensor? Do you have broken wires or a need to add valves but don't have available wires? We have solutions for these problems and many others.

Problem solving

Irrigation Solutions


irrigation problems

About Us

The Greener Good

IMS uses smart irrigation controllers to monitor and manage the irrigation of landscapes for any size property. The goal is to accomplish the challenging priorities of having well-watered plant material using a minimal amount of water

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12840 NW Cornell Rd, Portland, OR 97229, USA

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